The majority of aircraft that we service are single and light multi-engine airplanes.  It is impossible to list all the services that we offer, but the following are our most common services.

  • Oil Changes

  • Annuals

  • Engine Repair and Maintenance

  • Sheet metal repairs

  • Installation of Avionics and Instruments

  • Removal and Installation of Engines

  • On-Call Emergency Maintenance

  • Parts Sales

  • Alterations and STC's

  • Pilot services to assist in picking up and delivering aircraft


  • Pre-Purchase Inspections

  • Oxygen and Nitrogen Services

  • De-Icing

  • Hangar Space Rental

  • Tire/Brake Repair and Changes

  • Assistance in building prototype aircraft

  • Restoration of Antiques

  • Dope and Fabric Repair and Recovering

  • Tig welding

Please call even if your aircraft needs are not listed above.  If we can't help you, we can refer you to a good shop that can.

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PHONE: (970) 252-1411; FAX (970) 252-8461